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Facial Piercing Precautions

We recently shared a post on Facebook discussing facial piercings.  This is a topic that may not be addressed often, but here at Kid Care Dental we feel it is important that parents be aware of the dangers certain piercings, such as of the cheek and tongue, can cause.  Our pediatric dentists do not recommend these piercings for kids and teens, as they can often cause chipped teeth, blood poisoning, and other serious bacterial infections.  However, if your teen does in fact decide to pierce his or her tongue, cheek or lip, make sure that it is closely monitored and always kept clean.  Please be sure to contact us at the first sign of trouble, as your child’s health is as important to us as it is to you.

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A Happy New Year & Happy Teeth!

Everyone here at Kid Care Dental would like to wish all of our friends and patients a happy and healthy New Year!

What would 2013 be without a resolution?  You know where we’re going with this…make a resolution to keep your teeth clean, healthy and happy!

We are always welcoming new children to come in and visit our dentists and we pride ourselves on teaching each patient the proper ways to maintain good oral hygiene.

And what a great way to start this year with a review like this from one of our patient’s parents:  “Best dentist ever. Grace has been coming here since her very first visit to the dentist over 12 years ago.”

We couldn’t be more grateful for such wonderful feedback and we hope for more of these positive reviews in the future!

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Trick or Not So Treat

Halloween is on the way and we all know what that means: candy, candy, candy.  This may cause joy and excitement for children all over, but it is enough to make some parents cringe.  Every child deserves his or her share of treats on Halloween, but Kid Care Dental wants to remind everyone to make sure that these sweet are not overly indulged upon, or at the very least, each child gets a friendly reminder to use that toothbrush after!  It’s easy for a kid to forget how important oral health is, so while they’re unwrapping that next Snickers or Reese’s Cup, make sure they remember to scrub those teeth and gums later. It only takes so many pieces of candy to start those cavities!

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Baby Bottle Dangers

Kid Care Dental has mentioned on our site one harm that can be caused by bottles: tooth decay. Babies who go to bed with a bottle of milk, formula or juice are more likely to get tooth decay due to the sugar in formula, milk or juice that stays in contact with the teeth for a long time during the night.

However, as seen in the article above, there is an even more basic harm from bottles: the bottle itself and how easy it can be for a child to knock one into their mouth and break or damage teeth. This hazard can be seen with toys and pacifiers as well, so it is important that parents are aware of these dangers and keep their children and their mouths not only clean, but safe!

Kid Care Dental has always cared about children and their oral health, and we happily provide tips and suggestions to all parents and kids through our website as well as during in-office appointments. Visit us in Stoughton, MA today and keep your children on the path toward clean and healthy teeth.




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Prevent Children’s Cavities

Did you know that almost all cavities are preventable? What better time to teach children how to keep a clean and healthy smile than at their early age? Oral health care should truly begin at birth- many Pediatric Dentists recommend that you wipe your baby’s gums after meals (yes, even before their first tooth eruption) in order to keep clean gums and prevent any bacteria some settling.  This will help ensure a healthy mouth and provides the best possible foundation for your child’s teeth to grow in, eventually creating a beautiful smile.  Kid Care Dental happily teaches parents and children how to keep a happy healthy mouth!

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Choose Kid Care Dental for your Children

Kid Care Dental is excited to be a part of the Blogging world!  We have been a Pediatric Dental Practice since the year 1977 and we are still around today for a reason.  The staff and dentists at Kid Care Dental truly take pride in their responsbilities to each child that comes in.  We enjoy making the visit fun and also informative.  Follow our Blog for news about Kid Care Dental as well as any helpful news or dental tips for children.  You can check us out on Facebook and Twitter as well!

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